About Us

About Us

Years ago, business owners Jody and Gene met while both were working at a pizza shop in Myrtle Beach. Having spent years learning all of the roles necessary for running a restaurant, and having a love of good casual food, the team decided to open their own restaurant.

With over 44 years combined experience, Jody Durham and Gene Rouppasong opened their first Mama Mia Pizzeria in 2007. Their goal is to serve tasty food that makes customers say:

“Ma-ma Mee-ya! That’s delicious!”

Getting the word out about their restaurants was not easy at first, however, they one day decided to provide samples of their food to the local desk clerks, bartenders, and other hard working service folks. The tasty samples won over many taste buds, so word of mouth spread and Mama Mia Pizzeria has thrived. Now they have two locations in Myrtle Beach and a new location in North Myrtle Beach that deliver fresh delicious pizzas, subs, pastas, and ice cream all over the area.